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Bailey's Journey Has Some Pretty Exciting New!!!!

As of March 13th we will be having a longtime friend of all of ours and familiar face to some of our clients come back to Bailey’s Journey. Not just to expand her massage therapy, but to also join us once again in the water with some new hours.

Tina is a small animal massage therapist certified through Northwest School of Animal Massage, her certifications include basic, sports and rehabilitation massage. She is a proud Mother of 3 grown children and helps run a small plumbing business with her husband. When she's not working she enjoys spending time with her family, or with her animals and working on her small little mini farm on the out skirts of Dallas.
We are excited that we will be able to serve more clients by expanding our hours (stay tuned for more information on that which we will be posting )  as well as offer another therapy for your dog doing canine massage.

Tina says " As far back as I remember animals have been at the core of who I am. I have such love and respect for them, dogs have always been my soul animal, it's more than just a love for them it's a connection that I suppose most of us dog lovers can relate too. I am very excited to be given the opportunity to be back at Baileys, working there is like being home, I am surrounded with people who have the same love and compassion for animals, they are a group of professionals that have the same goal as mine - to help animals achieve optimal health, and to encourage and support their owners who love them.  Not to mention they are just truly good people , what you see with them is what you get- they are amazing and I feel very lucky to call them friends and co-workers!

I am looking forward to seeing some familiar faces and paws, as well as meeting new ones! "

New Swim Hours

Mon. 12-3 pm

Tues. 11-2 pm

Thurs. 4-7 pm

Fri. 5-7 pm


Massage Hours

Mon. 4:30-6:30 pm Appointment Only

Tues. 3:30-5:30 pm Walk-in/App.

Fri. 1-3 pm Appointment Only

Sat. 10-3 pm Walk-in/App.pm Walk-in/App.