What is Swimming For?

Swimming Can Make A Difference

Swim therapy is used as an alternative, or in conjunction with, weight-bearing exercise and medications. Swimming offers a whole body experience. It works the cardiovascular, as well as the circulatory, and respiratory systems to support healing, stamina and pain relief.   Non-impact swim therapy is especially helpful for hip, shoulder, knee and back issues. Swimming supports muscle strength and flexibility to help with mobility in dogs with arthritis.

Our first priority is the health of our canine clients. We strive to maintain the highest standards in the industry, working with the owner and the veterinarian (if under medical care) to achieve the best outcome possible.


Veterinarians have referred clients to us for therapy to address:

  • Cruciate Ligament Rupture
  • Post-op Hip surgeries
  • Post-op Shoulder and knee surgeries
  • FCE—spinal embolisms
  • Hip dysplasia
  • All types of arthritis
  • Neurological stimulation
  • Paralysis
  • Spinal injuries 
  • Veterinarian Referral is required for Medical injuries. 
  • Forms can be faxed directly to the vet

Fun swims, energy burning swims and weight management do not require a veterinarian referral .


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