Bailey's is a nonprofit

Bailey's Journey is now a non profit!

Family Pet Partners is a non-profit started in Salem, OR for the purpose of helping families keep their pets when unforeseen circumstances crop up.

Lori Hyde and Rebecca Wallis founded FPP to fill the need that exists within our community to help families that cannot afford the often times expensive procedures that can result from accidents or aging. 

With so many pets being adopted from rescue, craigslist, petfinder, etc., many people do not know the history of the pet they adopt into their family. Unfortunately this can lead to a family falling in love with an animal that may or may not have been born with congenital defects that require surgery. Often times this is a shock to the family, when their intention of providing for a pet was well thought out and planned for.

 We do believe that a family should only adopt a pet when they can afford the general food and veterinary care.  This includes; everyday food, shots, spay / neuter, teeth cleanings, anal gland expression (if you plan on getting a dog that requires it), grooming, etc.  We do not believe that the requirements of owning a pet mean that you need to have a savings account with up to 20,000 set aside for the in-case emergency you might have to go through.

No one expects their pet to get cancer, get hit by a car, get attacked by a dog at large, need hip / elbow / knee replacements. That is where FPP comes in.

Bailey's Journey has been absorbed by Family Pet Partners.  FPP can now offer low cost or no cost swimming to pets that need it. We rely on donations and regular costs of services to help pay the costs of running the pool. If you would like to donate to FPP - you may visit to make a tax deductible donation.