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Lamb RAW Dinner Bar

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Dinner Bar Lamb.jpg

Lamb RAW Dinner Bar

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VACUUM SEALED  -    in a non-toxic human grade barrier film
“SNAP QUICK”   -  each 1lb bar is scored in approximately 1/4 lb (4oz) servings—easy to snap into portions
QUICK THAW  -    convenience for freshness (you only thaw what you need)

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Why Northwest Naturals

100% Grain Free

Northwest Naturals™ is manufactured in a quality controlled USDA human food inspected facility.

Northwest Naturals™ is a food that is developed and manufactured by a team that has 15 years of experience in raw natural pet-food manufacturing, and backed by a 53 year old meat processing company.

Northwest Naturals Inc.™ uses fresh ground bone for an organic calcium source.

Northwest Naturals™ uses a unique flash freezing to preserve the integrity of the nutrients.

Northwest Naturals™ is convenient and easy to use.

Northwest Naturals™ offers unsurpassed quality and 100% customer satisfaction guarantees.


All Northwest Naturals Diets are complete, balanced and formulated to meet the nutritional levels established and recommended by the AAFCO Food Nutrient Profiles For All Life Stages.

ALL NW Naturals Products are produced under the following food safety programs:


· HACCP - Hazard Analysis Critical Control Points

· GMP - Good Manufacturing Practices

· TQC - Total Quality Control

· SSOP - Standard Sanitation Operating Procedures

· PREOP - Preoperational Inspections

· PIP - Planned Improvement Program

· Always scoring among the highest scores in ANNUAL 3rd PARTY FOOD SAFETY AUDITS


We offer plant tours by appointment




Every batch of Northwest Naturals™ raw natural pet foods for dogs and cats that we make has a minimum of 6% fresh ground bone added.  Fresh ground bone is a great source of natural calcium for your pet's health.  Most manufacturers do not use fresh ground bones because bones are hard to grind.  Instead they use powders of calcium and phosphorus. 


How hard are bones to grind?  Very hard.  We tested several different pieces of equipment with motors of up to 150 HP to try to break bones down prior to grinding.  Smoke, steam, and loud noises is about all they would produce.  Major grinding equipment companies will not warranty their equipment for bone grinding operations. What does Northwest Naturals™ use now? We use all steel heavy duty frozen block meat grinders turning at very slow rpms to break bones down into even smaller pieces.  Our procedure for grinding bones is:The 1st machine will break the bones into pieces about 2-3" in size.  The 2nd machine breaks the bones into 1/2 -1" pieces.  The final machine grinds the bones through a stainless steel plate with holes that are an 1/8" diameter.  Soft cartilage tissue that is attached to hard bones can squeeze and flex through a 1/8" hole and then expand to slightly larger than 1/8".  Fresh ground bone pieces at 1/8" or less are easily digestible for your pet’s natural nutritional health. 


Why does Northwest Naturals™ use fresh ground bone?  Because it is the only correct way to give your pet natural and balanced calcium in their diet.


Why do so many other manufacturers not use fresh ground bones?  Because bones are very hard to grind - because the equipment for bone grinding is very expensive -and because adding a synthetic powder is easier and cheaper.