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Fish Stock


Fish Stock

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  • Wild, line caught, sustainable North Atlantic sole
  • Aids in digestion
  • Concentrated fish, thyroid and joint nutrients
  • Fermented sardines provide Omega 3s in whole food form


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Fish Stock, ground fermented sardines

16 oz. Cartons.
We selected Evergreen Packaging because they are committed to developing and supplying sustainable paper and packaging solutions. Not only are they recyclable, there is no need to transfer product into another container .

  • Contains glycoaminoglycans (GAGs), a major component of joint cartilage, glucosamine, chondroitin and hyaluronic acid 
  • Excellent source of Iodine, contains thyroid nutrients 
  • Adding to diet of dogs fed low protein diet for kidney disease will help prevent detrimental side effects of low protein; Contains high amounts of arginine, required to metabolize protein waste & reduces blood pressure reducing stress on kidneys 
  • Contains Gelatin, beneficial for lining the digestive system to aid in the healing of leaky gut syndrome & colitis, barrier to bad bacteria 
  • High in glycine (essential amino acid) which helps regulate the making of bile salts and secretion of gastric juices also required for liver detox 
  • Fermented sardines provide a superior concentrated source of all Omega fatty acids to support hair and coat  Answers™ Fermented Fish Stock will help regulate your dogs and cats immune system